Money In Both Pockets

A longways dance, first published in America circa 1794.

Money in Both Pockets 
Al        1st couple set to 2nd lady (8 beats), & Circle 3 hands round with her.
A2       1st couple repeat A1 to 2nd gentleman.
B1       First couple chasse, set or beaten step, re-chasse & fall back down one place.

B2       Rights and Lefts. (4)

This dance is a very simple one.  Like some other dances of the 18th century, the first couple begins by setting to the second lady.  In this dance, the Wayside Inn Steppers use pas de bourree steps when not chasseeing or setting.  We have rehearsed it as both a duple and triple minor, and when performing, dance it as a triple minor longways dance.

4 thoughts on “Money In Both Pockets

  1. Gail

    Great idea; i wanted to review what we rehearsed last night so to have the written instructions like this is great!

    1. Jacob and Nancy Post author

      Yes, all of the figures are danced by the first and second couples, with the third couples waiting out that time through the dance.

  2. RBHoughton

    I am an amateur historian and I just wanted to let you know that the English East India Company adopted this song in late 18th century as representative of what they had to offer to cadets. Its great to know your site has preserved it. Thanks.


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